What is Cost Analysis?

Analysis of the costs incurred by a business and the actual cost of doing business is a fundamental part of running a successful business. Accurately knowing how much it costs you to sell a part or service allows you to manage your pricing and marketing.

How do we approach the subject?

A detailed cost analysis will help a business owner understand where cost is incurred and where savings can be made, without compromise to the business. By engaging with a business cost analysis consultant, an SME business owner will be better prepared to identify and manage the outgoings from the business and reduce cost in a stable and managed way. I work with the owner and their management teams to review all areas of cost within the business and create a cost benefit analysis model to improve efficiency and reduce cost, without loss of service or quality.

What effect could this have on your business?

Increased profit margins, more efficient manufacturing and logistics, better understanding of the business costs and therefore the ability to make more informed decisions about the business.

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