What do we mean by Operations?

Operations management is the true understanding and development of the part of a business responsible for the supply of goods or services and is the critical part of any manufacturing or service lead business.

How do we approach the subject?

Having worked in both manufacturing and services businesses at both corporate and hands on management levels, reviews of systems, processes, logistics and the supply chain are essential to the efficiency and reputation of a company. Product recalls and service failures are examples of poor operations management. By engaging an operations management consultant and working closely with the business management to understand their systems and procedures, a business owner can develop a unique set of strategies and systems to ensure a robust and compliant operations management focus, that will help enhance a grow a business’s reputation for quality and reliability.

What effect could this have on your business?

Enhanced company profile and reputation for compliance, reliability and consistency. Increased trust in a business’s ability to supply and service on time, every time. Development of disaster recovery and continuity plans.

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